When and why Baby Jane Polish was born

I am a young 21 year old girl in the UK who has always had a love for nail polish, however nail polish doesn’t love my nails, let me explain… When I paint my nails with any polish wether it be a 99p one for a one that costs £7+ the nail polish takes ages to dry (even quick drying ones) sometimes even after 20 mins the polish is still tacky and dents, but this isn’t all…I paint my nails, wait what feel like forever for them to dry and then seal them with a top coat only for the polish to then chip and come off when I’m in the bath! Nightmare, so I figured if I can’t wear nail polish on my natural nails I will make my own polish! So after a loads of research and experimenting I then discovered how it feels when you see a polish piece together, and then “Baby Jane Polish” was born. Follow me on Instagram @babyjanepolish 😘

20131210-022728 am.jpg